No matter how many times I try to recall the entire year, I can honestly say that I remember the least from this year than all the other years past. It may have been because of bad health, horrible weather, or just plain mood swings and new people, lots of new people. It's not that this year was so anticlimatic. It did in fact have a substantial amount of once in a lifetime experiences. It just so happens that these experiences happened on both ends of the year and some splurge in the middle. Mostly though, the in-betweens just felt like I was on autopilot, like in a daze of some sort. Very cloudy. I can't really say I remember most of the words I said or what happened on what day, but I do remember feeling afloat.

Anyway, I wanted to do something I could look back on and maybe sort of remember if not what happened, then at least the feeling. So I came up with these images of what 2019 felt like. This creating images thing is beginning to make a nice hobby.

Still in my longest weekend of 2019-2020, so Happy Weekend!

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