Mt. Pulag Proposal - Sea of Clouds - Playground of the Gods

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Last January, we unlocked a life event! Mark had proposed at the top of Mt. Pulag, above the sea of clouds, the playground of the gods - the sunrise gradient on the sky with some stars left above,  complete with a triple rainbow masterpiece. πŸ’˜ πŸ’‘ πŸ’ž

Here's how it went.

Early 2018, Mark asked if we could go to Mt. Pulag for his birthday on 2019. I had my doubts at first as our last climb on a different mountain was quite difficult and we both had put on some weight. I asked for some time to think about it, to try to adjust our physical health to the terms of climbing again. Eventually, I agreed and we were just kind of winging it since there was still a lot of time left.

(continue reading for trip details including package and organizer)

The People That Came

It was to my delight that it was so easy for our friends to say yes to Mt. Pulag. My friends are not really the type to exercise. Being used to the city life or an out of town beach trip was mostly it, so I thought inviting them would be tricky but it wasn't. I figured some might be soul searching or just wanted to try something new. I was just happy that they were there and were so game.

The Organizer + Package

Mark picked the best organizer he could find online based on reviews, photos from different groups, and plainly just how the organizer responded to his questions and requests. Luckily for us, we had Jay Sierra of Lakwatsierra as our guide. He was super chill. We only paid Php 2,500 per head (13 seats with 1 freebie and 7 tents included) The freebie seat, I think just happened because Mark was secretly planning something with Jay. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner were included. It was also just our group on the monster jeep instead of 22 people. We got to ride top load going to Jang Jang Bridge, Badekbek Sulfur Springs, and then the Ranger's Station. The wind was cold but the view was amazing.

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Jang Jang Bridge

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Badekbek Sulfur Springs

We went through the Ambangeg Trail and slept at Camp 1. There was really not a lot of people in the mountains when we went. We would even lose sight of each other and barely saw any other groups climbing up or going down. It was such a nice experience.

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Camp 1

The Hidden Photographers/Videographers

There were two people that joined our group that we didn't know. They were guised as vloggers who turned out to be secret photographers/videographers that Mark hired to document our trip. They were such fun to hang around and were just really nice people. Super professional with work quality as you can see on the photos/videos. They specialize in mountain photo shoots/videos. Check the awesome duo (Abby & Jervis) at A&J Visuals. They're such a cute couple too. πŸ’ž

The Climb - Step by step of the Ambangeg Trail

SPOILERS ahead --
The trail isn't that hard. It's not an exaggeration but beginners can do this. It only takes 4 hours going  up if you're slow and less going down. From Camp 1, we left at 1:30 a.m. Headlights are obviously necessary. The first part is sort of like ramps, mostly flat. Pause for a while and imagine stairs with the height of 2-3 feet per step with some big rocks for support. This will be the next part. About 15-25 minutes of this and you're done. This is the difficult part of the trail.

The next parts are mostly just walking around the side of the mountain with some parts like stairs going up, because of course this is a climb. Losing a little breath is inevitable and a bit of back stretching is there, just take it slow and pause for a while when needed. In around 2-3 hours, it will be Camp 2. After Camp 2 is already the grass land, by this part, shutting your headlights for a little break and looking up would be the best thing. The sky looks like it's been decorated with glitters.

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Excuse the blur, we just can't keep still.

This part has some inclined climb, hold on. It's just about 10 minutes of this combined and a total of around 30-40 minutes from Camp 2 will already be Peak 2. The sun starts to go up and finally, the amazing view starts to show itself.

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Our light trail. Photo by A&J Visuals

This is where the magic happens. You see half of the night sky while the sun rises slowly shining on the sea of clouds. The MAGIC hour of the Mt. Pulag. The clouds gently embrace the mountains, the cold wind blows on your face, the sun smiling at you and the stars saying goodbye for now. B-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l. There is no other word. Best to take photos and videos here. After that, you can already see the summit just a little over 10-15 minutes up.

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Griffindor at the Playground of the Gods!!


When I reached Peak 2, I was visibly out of breath. I sat there for a while just looking at the clouds and watching them embrace the mountains. I was taking all that in already feeling a little bit teary-eyed of how beautiful it was. I finally stood up and saw my friends taking photos with our "vlogger" travel buddies and just joined in the fun. Abby, one of the photographers took couple shots (we were all couples in this trip) and when it was our turn, she instructed me to look at the sunrise and the clouds, and so I did. I thought she took a shot and just told me to turn back around. Lo and behold, Mark bends down on one knee and I just lost all control of my heart and my soul.

Right after Mark's proposal, one after the other, three rainbows appeared on top of us. It was such a blessing to have this moment in time be so majestic. I can't even begin to describe how it felt. I'm just so grateful.

I found out soon after that the vloggers were actually professionals and some of my friends knew what was going to happen on this trip which was why it was so easy to invite them. Mark had planned all of it for almost a year, and I was just in awe of all the love. I literally could not have asked God for a better partner.

Going Down Mt. Pulag

Going down was way easier. Also, since the sun was up, it was time for us to see all the view that we passed climbing up at night. It was like a fairy tale.

by A&J Visuals

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There's so much more to scenery I want to share but I think it's so much better in person. I would recommend going up Mt. Pulag 100% to anyone. That pretty much concludes this super long entry.

The People That Made This Trip Memorable

Travel & Tours Organizer
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Thoughtfully customized by Mark with my turquoise birth stone - infinity ring lined with diamonds. Thank you for this beautiful gift.

Last, and certainly not the least, my Mark. πŸ’‘

Happy Weekend!

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  1. took me one whole year to come up with all these above, hihi πŸ’• (secret photo and videographers, customized ring, reserved spot for our group, etc)