Why We No Longer Trust LAZADA

Lazada, before their recent update this year, used to be a reliable online shopping place to say the least. Transactions were easy with almost no extra charge except for shipping fees if the items were from other countries. Lazada help centers were actually helpful and item returns or cancellations, although lengthy were legitimate.

Here are the reasons why you should no longer trust the "new" Lazada:

1. The "new" Lazada provides an interface that would easily allow almost anybody to use the app to sell their items. This means Lazada has now become like any other online store. Customers deal with the sellers and Lazada will barely take any responsibility for any product or delivery issues.

2. Lazada has highly reduced the option for Cash On Delivery. This makes buyers/customers have to use online payment transactions such as paypal, credit cards, etc., giving Lazada more valuable/private information from the customers. Almost always, items are already paid for before being processed, leaving the buyers empty handed but already charged. This means any issue that may arise thereafter, they already have the consumers money until the issues have been "resolved."

3. Lazada help centers are no longer "helpful." The new Lazada has created a new system for customer complaints and returns. When customers call the hotline, they are redirected to machines that have limited options when it comes to identifying customers' issues. Almost all redirects will lead customers to try and do things with the app or on the website that they have already done. Customers usually expect to communicate the problems only when they have already gone through the trouble of studying the app and exploring their options to resolve the issues. Even online forms where customers have logged in to their account, provided their phone numbers, and order numbers, still REQUIRE the customer's government issued ID to start processing any complaints. Again, more valuable/private identification information from customers who are just trying to fix the issue that was not their fault. Who would give this information out when trust is already hanging by a thread from issues in products/delivery? This leads customers to a dead end. No money, no proper product. Shouldn't the log in, order number, and phone number be enough to prove that complaints are from the actual customers?

4. Fraudulent deliveries are now rampant in Lazada. The tracking of orders always say the packages have gone through logistics, but even though the packages always have a number of items said to be inside, it is more than likely to be incomplete. Even boxed item packs would more than likely have missing items inside. This shows that Lazada logistics is no longer reliable.

A Few Sample Experiences:
  • 3 boxes makeup sets - even though Lazada says all items delivered, only 2 delivered even if the package says 3 items included, one of the boxes received is even tarnished. Incomplete and damaged.
  • 2 sets of mobile stabilizers, 2 sets of wide lens, 2 sets of fish-eyed lens - items status "Delivered" NONE were delivered. Upon checking proof of delivery, a fraudulent signature was found. Signature of the person on the "proof of delivery" was not even in the address where the product was supposedly "delivered." They use the customer's name. Tsk tsk.
We used to be huge fans of Lazada having spent thousands of money over the last few years. Now, after multiple issues and horrible experiences with no customer accommodation or responsibility seen from Lazada's customer service and logistics, we no longer support Lazada and discourage anyone who will attempt to use it. There are too much risks and losses attached to their new interface and company overall. Try at your own expense, but we highly discourage it. 

We rate the new Lazada, 

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