Cheesecake for daaays: Your Customized Cheesecake

It all started with my mom talking about a cheesecake that her friend was raving about. A few years back, my friends and I were trying to find the best cheesecake made and I ultimately ended up choosing Cake2Go for their delicious Devil's Food Cheesecake. My second choice was Don Limone's which has since closed down like all underrated restaurants in the south. New branches built are far from home now.

A few months ago, this got my interest since it was supposedly customizable cheesecake dipped in ice cream, but all we had to go with was this blurry photo from my mom's friend because she couldn't remember the name of the place.

After days of looking around and asking our friends what could be written in that logo, we were able to find a link to the video where the screenshot was taken. 

Eventually, we found it as "Bakeology" from Cassalu. A far cry from Sambokojin (haha)
Once there, we went around their Facebook page and found out that there was an event coming soon.

We of course went on the said date to see what was happening and to see what unique things they had. I thought the place had a pretty exterior. There was no crowd which fit my taste perfectly.


The interior was also quite cute and cozy, enough to appreciate what they had and enjoy our meal. By the wall is a Japanese style table where the tables are low and you sit on the platform.

They also suggest different types of cheesecake to pair with different types of coffee.

On the corner, the Sambokojin logo with the customizable cheesecake on sticks!

Look at those options!

Their menu is a presentation in itself. There are plenty of options for different flavored cheesecakes. They also have hidden promos that you can ask for.

I opted for the specific type of coffee that when partnered with any cheesecake of your choice, the cheesecake would only cost 29 pesos. *Gasp!* 

The special coffee is also served in front of you.

To top it off, they also sell a 12-in-1 cake that has your choice of cheesecake flavor per slice!
google photo

We would recommend this place to all cheesecake lovers.

Address: 262 Alabang–Zapote Road, Talon Uno, Las Pinas, 1747 Metro Manila

Happy Weekend!

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