Mt. Ulap and Baguio Trip Package


Contact details of the organizer and place stayed in below.


The attire.

For first timers like myself, I needed to get the right things to use for our hike. Luckily, Mark had brought me to Decathlon. They literally have everything for every sport at just the right amount. I got everything here except for my shoes since I figured I needed a new one that would last for a while.



The stuff we brought 

While deciding which camera would be convenient for us to bring on top of the mountain and around Baguio afterwards, we came across this awesome lens from Miniso:

It really does make it wide lens with a sort of fish eye effect. Advisable to use on the rear end of the camera. Works and fits great there for photos of the view. Front camera may show the circle line of the lens and sides may appear a bit blurry.

A selfie stick and two phones were our only items for memories of the hike. Wish we were able to bring along a gimbal for stable videos but the delivery would've arrived after our trip. Either way, we're happy with our photos and found that the natural light up there is awesome. We were allowed to leave our things for the over night stay and trip around Baguio in the van, but here's what we brought up Mt. Ulap:

Nobody is allowed to leave anything on the mountain. Make sure you have space for your own trash.

The Hike

I had never hiked before except for that one school trip 15 years ago, but I was up for the challenge. I unexpectedly received a massive workload days prior to climbing up and was afraid I wouldn't be able to make it because my whole body felt exhausted and I didn't get the chance to at least prepare physically, but decided to push through and did it! We conquered Mt. Ulap!

It started out beautifully with the cool breeze and the sun rising up.

It was the beginning, and it felt great. 

The trees were all dancing, the wind was cold but you could also feel the soft warmth of the sun.

The flowers were everywhere, and bright colored butterflies even flew around.

The view from the mountain was beautiful. Although tiring to go up, it was worth it being on top. Photos aren't enough to show it, you have to be there.

Reality is, when you go up, you have to come down and it's not going to be the same way - like heaven and hell. I don't have any photos or videos going down because I felt my knees about to give up and my ankles were so sore. I was not prepared to go down a very steep path. It was rocky and slippery at the same time. Bawal ang pabebe dito, bes. There was a girl who had to be put on a stretcher and brought down by at least 8-10 men. The look on the faces of the people carrying the stretcher was priceless.

They had the expression of constipated babies.

The Transient

When we were done, our van met us at the end and brought us directly to the transient home we were staying in for the night.


A quick look:

Around Baguio

The evening of Day 1, we went to eat at Good Taste. Talk about sulit. We ate so much and paid so little. So worth it after climbing a mountain just a couple of hours before.

Okay, photo taken from one member of our group. I have zero photos. Too hungry.

On Day 2 we went around Baguio before going back. We got up early in hopes of having breakfast at Choco-Late de Batirol but it was still closed so we headed to HillStation, the prettiest place to have brunch.


Cassa Vallejo was right on top of HillStation. Also a beautiful site.

Everything about HillStation was beautiful, from the enchanting entrance to the decorations, to the furniture, to the view; even the food looked beautiful. The only thing I didn't like was how slow the service was. The food was a little pricey but okay, you're really paying extra for the charm of this place. After brunch we headed to Minesview and Good Shepherd.

Strawberry and Ube taho for the win! ^_^

Our last trip was to the market place by the strawberry farm. The veggies were so cheap, one giant bag to make chopsuey was only worth P100. It had everything, all fresh and giant. 

Here's a quick look at the last part of our trip:

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