Wensha Spa Pasay: MetroDeal Review

I'd seen the promo in Metrodeal for quite some time but hadn't bought the tickets since I was weighing which promo among the ones I had spotted was worth it. It seemed like a nice place and it would be nice to relax. Mark decided to buy the package deal and we opted to go this January.

*P619 inclusive of 60-min Full Body Massage or Foot Spa with Buffet & Drinks*


Here's the deal. Unlike other promotions, it's incredibly difficult to get a reservation in Wensha Spa even if you've already bought the vouchers. It's not because it's hard to go there or the phones are always busy, it's that you will have to wait for continuous ringing. Nobody answers the phones - ALL phones, almost all the time (9:00 a.m. - 9:00 p.m). They probably only give 5 minute windows every now and again to pick up their phones. By the time somebody answers, the very unfriendly receptionist will automatically tell you they're fully booked.
Other numbers: (02)833-9878, (02)832-5877, (02)375-1398, (02)375-1399, (02)372-5822

Experience: "Stay polite." I tell myself as I ask for when I can do a reservation. (Operator says two dates, nothing else just answered with the dates.) I asked to be reserved on said date and operator says just bring voucher and valid ID. Operator does not know my name nor asks for the time of reservation. I give it so she has that to put down the "list." I also had questions, but the operator had already ended the call.

  • 'Reservation' on the phone is only so they would accept you on that day. Any reservations for full body massage or foot spa, you'll have to do yourself when you get there. Do it immediately. The waiting list can reach to 3 hours.
  • You will have to wear their garment, this is not a choice - even their footwear.
  • You will be given a bracelet as your locker key. Be grateful if your locker is not on the upper level. There are 3 levels of lockers in the room. The highest can only be reached by standing on a chair, or becoming 7-8 feet tall.
  • The "Jacuzzi" is separate and inside each of the female and male locker rooms. People are soaking in the water naked. Beware.
  • You cannot bring anything inside except for your valuables.
  • Bring your own toiletries - they only provide a towel. (Maybe they have toiletries but I didn't see any.)
  • You can stay there for only 6 hours.
  • You cannot get your footwear back unless you've already checked out. It's their hostage.


From outside, you can tell that the place has been there for a while. Kept positive because we haven't entered yet...Maybe it's better inside.

Hello, friend!

Inside, the very unfriendly receptionists. There were a few people in line....Maybe they're tired.

Services offered.

To the right. There's nothing to explore in front of them. It's a wall.

To the left.

Hygiene = 0
Food Options = 2
Food Taste = 3 (I was starving. I had to, but I didn't drink anything.)
Service = 0

The plates were dripping wet, the glasses for drinking are so old, it's discolored plastic. The food was all over the table, literally. Also, wait for the last "food" photo.



..that has a waiting list of THREE HOURS.
(Left side for the men, right side for women.)

What was going on right next to the massage and buffet:


Since the full body massage had a three-hour waiting list and the place didn't feel hygienic enough to go around, we decided to do the foot spa instead. It has its own enclosed area, quiet and not a lot of people. This was the only redeeming quality of Wensha Spa. You can sleep on the chairs, or watch a movie on your own touch screen TV while waiting or while getting a foot massage. Aside from the fact that it's still Chinese even if you tap English, you could still manage to watch a movie if you wanted to.

The foot spa wasn't really just a foot massage. It's an entire body massage but there's a bit more focus on your feet. It felt really good.

In the end, I can't really recommend this place or promo to anybody. The foot spa was nice, but if you have to go through all that and even need to pay tip, just go to a massage place near you and buy yourself something nice. This is not worth it.

We rate this: .05/5

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