Manila Ocean Park: MetroDeal Review

I enjoy doing things for a better value of money. While I look for great deals, there aren't really a lot that are worth it outside the fine print of promos. This is one of the great deals so far. Below is the full experience of a day at Manila Ocean Park after availing the MetroDeal promo for P799 inclusive of 10 activities.

We arrived at Manila Ocean Park and went to claim our tickets at the booth. Claiming tickets was pretty quick. You just have to bring the receipt or show them the number and your ID.

There weren't a lot of people when we went, or at least when we arrived 11-ish a.m. This is what it looked like outside:

Since we didn't arrive as early, wasn't really familiar with the entire place, and realized there was a schedule for some activities, we had to make a plan. First is knowing how to go around:

Next was looking at the schedules - also written on a piece of paper you get, along with a bracelet when you claim the tickets from the Metrodeal purchase.

Inside was already very pretty with decor.

Here's a panoramic view. Might have to click to see the whole image.

Looking up was a sun roof that lit up the center of the room. <3

We had to ask how long it might take for each activity to balance our time. I'll write down a time estimate for each one. We decided to go to the Oceanarium first. They mentioned it would take around 30 minutes to go around. Would have to take pictures and videos too, so -

The first part of the Oceanarium is the Jungle Trek.

After the Jungle Trek comes The Reef, a place filled with amazing species!

 Including the Night King.

and the ube-stone fish.

There was Lost Atlantis

It had the nicest giant aquarium settings, the pictures don't give the place justice.

Right after you get out of the Oceanarium, up the stairs is Trails to Antarctica. Go in and enter left. This entire place can be done in about 15-20 min.

Also part of the package is seeing the penguins! Excuse the photos, it was through glass and it was cold. There is an option to actually be inside and feed the penguins. Feeding option is not included in the package and is worth at least P500 separate. With the reviews online, I was more than happy to just be outside the glass and watching them be cute sliding down and swimming.

 Unknown to me was a Christmas Village inside! P.S. I love Christmas.

The place is not that big, but it's really nice to take pics inside, especially if you have children tagging along. The kid in me felt giddy.

Here's a panoramic view of the entire place. Might have to click to see it in full.

Too bad the "snow" machine was just turned on when we arrived, so not much there yet. Pang snow cone pa lang, bes.

 After this is the souvenir shop with at least a hundred of the cutest stuffed toys. Cute but pricey. 

Yexel's Toy Museum would be the next destination closest to this. Since we had gone there before (photos below from last year), we went down to the Jellies. Yexel's would've taken a good 10-15 min. It's a small exhibit but pictures are a must, especially since the iron throne is in there.

Related image

One of my favorites was the Jellies dancing sea fairies. If we weren't chasing the schedule for the other shows, would've easily stayed there longer.

Serenaded by classical music, you can watch different types of jelly fish swimming in colored lights. 

After the Jellies, we opted to go to the Penguin Talk Show which we heard would take 15 min. Five minutes in, we left. That was the sorriest excuse of a show and I'm not even kidding. That can't even pass for a street show. Wag na, bes.
We went on to the Shark & Rays Dry Encounter which took a good 5 min. They would literally hold the ray and have you pet them. I felt bad for it soon as I touched it. I don't suppose anybody would want to be held while people touched. It looked uncomfortable, so we stopped and proceeded to the All Star Bird Show. It was about 15-20 min. Cute and fun to watch. They also discuss preservation of animals and rescues, so that was a nice addition.

There was still a little time left before the Sea Lion show, so we decided to proceed with the Birds of Prey Kingdom. It took just 5 min. and would advise that you come here when the sun is still up to see the birds. Nothing much here just an open space for the birds to fly around freely. The birds seem to be of good condition. Wouldn't say the same for the water underneath. It was filled with trash.

We proceeded with the Sea Lion Show which took about 15-20 min. It was cute and entertaining. The sea lions looked like they were having a good time.

After a whole day of activities, we decided to finally have dinner before the last activity which was scheduled at 06:30 p.m. We ate at the restaurant on the second floor. The price wasn't bad.

The place had an open kitchen. The staff weren't so attentive, and we had to wait before someone came to take our orders. Note that the restaurant had a lot of empty seats, so we didn't know what was taking too long. 

I have this thing about utensils...not being properly cleaned.

With respect, the food we ate was okay and enough to fill our very empty stomachs.

We proceeded to the Symphony Evening Show. It's a light-water show that took a good 30 min. Way better to watch in person. Some parts were a little too "modern" for my taste, but all in all, it was beautiful and a great way to end the night.

The roof was even better to look at in the evening.

Hope this post was informative enough to help decide whether or not you'd avail of the promo.
Will probably upload a video of this day at some point. In the mean time, we rate this:
Image result for 4 stars

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