Cheesecake for daaays: Your Customized Cheesecake

It all started with my mom talking about a cheesecake that her friend was raving about. A few years back, my friends and I were trying to find the best cheesecake made and I ultimately ended up choosing Cake2Go for their delicious Devil's Food Cheesecake. My second choice was Don Limone's which has since closed down like all underrated restaurants in the south. New branches built are far from home now.

A few months ago, this got my interest since it was supposedly customizable cheesecake dipped in ice cream; but all we had to go with was this blurry photo from my mom's friend because she couldn't remember the name of the place.

After days of looking around and asking our friends what could be written in that logo, we were able to find a link to the video where the screenshot was taken. https://www.facebook.com/cassalucoffeeandkitchen/videos/2102256396658825/?hc_location=ufi

Eventually, we found it as "Bakeology" from Cassalu. A far cry from Sambokojin (haha) …

Birthday Post: Where to get a Game of Thrones themed cake in Manila

This year, my birthday came with the best cake EVER. But before we go into that (cake details in the end), I'll go into a quick detail of how this special day was celebrated.

It's a blessing in disguise that this year, my birthday was a weekend.
I was woken up in the middle of the night by my mom knocking on my door. As it turned out, it was 12 midnight and tada! I am on the last year of my 20's. The greeting came with a song, a slice of red velvet cake with a candle lit to make a wish, and a giant paper bag with presents! Mind you, I was half asleep, so even the wish in my head was a little bulol. Wish masters, please understand.

The gifts in the paper bag included my birthday ootd, a very pretty gray cardigan, black maxi pants, and GUSTO Juice. I'm not really a big fan of "healthy drinks" and always think there's something else to it; but since my mom had tried GUSTO Juice and actually saw the results of it to her body, I got it as a present! I'm going to try this out and hopefully see the results for myself. Seems to have pretty good reviews online.

That day, we went to mass and I unexpectedly got a very personal blessing from the priest. My brother said his hands were burning from touching me. This is not true. I know for a fact that he was only shaking. lol. It was a pleasant surprise and I feel very thankful for this experience.

We went out to our dinner reservation at Mandarin Palace and I was surprised with this AMAZING cake. 

I was presented three dragon eggs! It's THE BEST cake to give a Throney. I jokingly said, "Oh no! Am I going to be offered to Jason Momoa?" And to that my brother responded: "Next, you have to eat a horse's heart." Laughing almost uncontrollably, I reminded him that hot gold will not feel good on his head. Ha! Totally going overboard with our GOT puns here. ^^

It was all the more fun since the staff at Mandarin were so game with the singing! Mark got excited too!

If it wasn't enough, I received this present with a note "Anna remembers." I opened it and found a Stark coat that made me feel so awesome wearing it all "Winter is here" and walking around as if I'm in Westeros.

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As for where to get the cake, below are the details. I was told that this cake was customized by request. Perhaps they can create different types of themed cakes too!

Address: #12 Northlane St., Greymarville Subd., Talon 2 Las PiƱas
Messenger: @KezhaBakesCakesAndCupcakes
Phone Number: 0909 838 3801
You can go to their Facebook page HERE.

Happy Weekend!