Trapped Forever! BREAKOUT of ATC's New Mystery Rooms!

I've always wanted to go and try mystery rooms since they started a few years back but was never able to go due to having no actual matching schedules with nice humans. Long story short, I was able to go with a bunch of folks from the office, the only other people trapped in the vortex of same time-offs.

We opted to try Breakout in ATC to see how interesting it actually was and if we could solve the puzzles and get out. For legal purposes, I cannot go into detail on the rooms and can only share my feelings of despair from being trapped in 'forever.'
Breakout is located on the second floor of ATC. To be able to select rooms and reserve, you can go to their website:  https://www.breakout.com.ph/. The prices vary from Php400 - Php600 depending on the number of participants which should be a minimum of 3 per room or 6 maximum.

When you get there
Show your receipt of payment online and your ID. They will give each person a form with the terms of agreement to sign, including not…

Justice League: Review

If your main reason to see this movie was to feel some sort of super hero bad-assery, ermm...you might feel a little disappointed.

The only good parts of this movie were Wonder Woman and Aquaman. Color me shade, but I am just not a Batman fan. The Flash was okay with a hint of comedy, nothing spectacular in a sense. Although, if you've seen The Flash series which is far more diverse than the character in the movie, you'd feel underwhelmed. Cyborg was just well..Cyborg. It doesn't feel so much like a Justice League movie, it was like a build-up for Superman. It was a Superman movie and we all know it. The others were just background.

That said, I think the audience was waiting for a moment of excitement, where you can cheer for the superheroes, where you'd be afraid for their safety, where there would be a moment of salvation. Alas, there was none.

I can't wait to see Aquaman's movie this 2018. Let's just hope it's as epic as Wonder Woman and far, far away from Justice League.

Physical = 2.5 out of 5 stars
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