Justice League: Review

If your main reason to see this movie was to feel some sort of super hero bad-assery, ermm...you might feel a little disappointed.

The only good parts of this movie were Wonder Woman and Aquaman. Color me shade, but I am just not a Batman fan. The Flash was okay with a hint of comedy, nothing spectacular in a sense. Although, if you've seen The Flash series which is far more diverse than the character in the movie, you'd feel underwhelmed.
Cyborg was just well..Cyborg. It doesn't feel so much like a Justice League movie, it was like a build-up for Superman. It was a Superman movie and we all know it. The others were just background.

That said, I think the audience was waiting for a moment of excitement, where you can cheer for the superheroes, where you'd be afraid for their safety, where there would be a moment of salvation. Alas, there was none.

I can't wait to see Aquaman's movie this 2018. Let's just hope it's as epic as Wonder Woman and far, far away from Justice League.

Physical = 2.5 out of 5 stars
We rate this movie -

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