Stay Aware: How to Treat Hot Spots on Dog and Why This Happens

WARNING: Sensitive images ahead.

I recently had to bring my dog to the vet for what seemed to be a skin condition. I took my dog grooming on Saturday and all was well with the groomer being able to handle him without even having to put a muzzle on him, which was rare since my dog's pretty defensive when being groomed. He had a nice cut and looked like a baby seal.

From this:
To this:
Two days later, I noticed two little spots (about a half inch) on his body which seemed to be just irritated skin. I gave him a bath thinking his skin must have gotten irritated somewhere. It didn't look bad, just a little pink.

On the third day, both spots had wounds. Now, they had some sort of liquid coming out of them. I cleaned the two areas with Hydrogen Peroxide (not a good idea - it was obviously painful - read on) and Betadine.

On the fourth day, I came home from work to find that the hair on top of the wounds have hardened by some liquid and I gave him another bath to wash it off. I notice…

The Beguiled (2017) Review

After much anticipation from the released trailer, I couldn't wait to see the film in its entirety. Given the casting of well known actors, I was most attracted to the name of Nicole Kidman on the list. I thought about how unexpectedly fascinating I found Nicole Kidman's movies and could not wait to see what was interesting about this new one.

The trailer shows much promise as you can see:

Much to my dismay, this was one of those movies that showed much promise in the trailer and far less in delivery. I had hoped to start my weekend with something thrilling and ended up with something disappointing. I love Nicole Kidman, Colin Farrell, and have gotten a liking to Kirsten Dunst and Ella Fanning, but the thrill that I had hoped for was lacking.

If not for the detailed portrayal of life during this era, the angry scene of Colin Farrell, I would not have continued watching. It was far too long a build up to a scene that did not meet expectations. If not for wanting to watch how different living was in this era, I won't recommend that you see this film.

I rate it: