Stay Aware: How to Treat Hot Spots on Dog and Why This Happens

WARNING: Sensitive images ahead.

I recently had to bring my dog to the vet for what seemed to be a skin condition. I took my dog grooming on Saturday and all was well with the groomer being able to handle him without even having to put a muzzle on him, which was rare since my dog's pretty defensive when being groomed. He had a nice cut and looked like a baby seal.

From this:
To this:
Two days later, I noticed two little spots (about a half inch) on his body which seemed to be just irritated skin. I gave him a bath thinking his skin must have gotten irritated somewhere. It didn't look bad, just a little pink.

On the third day, both spots had wounds. Now, they had some sort of liquid coming out of them. I cleaned the two areas with Hydrogen Peroxide (not a good idea - it was obviously painful - read on) and Betadine.

On the fourth day, I came home from work to find that the hair on top of the wounds have hardened by some liquid and I gave him another bath to wash it off. I notice…

Wonder Woman : A look at an epic super hero movie

Let's start this off with "How many super hero movies have you seen?" Plenty. "How many super heroes did you like?" Just the ones with a high magnitude of bad-assery.

Wonder Woman was exactly that. The movie depicts the character's story well. Although, the background of Wonder Woman is a later story rather than the original, she was still indomitable, which made it even more fascinating to watch.

Gal Gadot

I'll be honest, I didn't know who she was before this film. When trailers started showing up and clips of her training and getting interviewed were everywhere, I got curious. I wasn't sure if I was going to like what I was going to see - if she would be a good choice for Wonder Woman; since I really wanted to watch the movie.

Reading about her and watching the things she could do made my admiration go up the roof. I couldn't wait to see the film and I didn't get disappointed.

There was one thing I would have changed in the movie though. I had hoped the villain would appear more...ermm...evil. All I could think about while watching Ares, god of war, was that this role could've gone to someone else. Not that Professor Lupin was a bad actor, it's just...

Here's a list of actors that could've played an evil god of war:

1. Christopher Walken

2. Idris Elba

3. Javier Bardem

4. Ron Perlman

5. Willem Dafoe

6. Zachary Quinto