Cheesecake for daaays: Your Customized Cheesecake

It all started with my mom talking about a cheesecake that her friend was raving about. A few years back, my friends and I were trying to find the best cheesecake made and I ultimately ended up choosing Cake2Go for their delicious Devil's Food Cheesecake. My second choice was Don Limone's which has since closed down like all underrated restaurants in the south. New branches built are far from home now.

A few months ago, this got my interest since it was supposedly customizable cheesecake dipped in ice cream; but all we had to go with was this blurry photo from my mom's friend because she couldn't remember the name of the place.

After days of looking around and asking our friends what could be written in that logo, we were able to find a link to the video where the screenshot was taken. https://www.facebook.com/cassalucoffeeandkitchen/videos/2102256396658825/?hc_location=ufi

Eventually, we found it as "Bakeology" from Cassalu. A far cry from Sambokojin (haha) …

Dinner at Daniele's Casa Mia

A few years back, I was going to random unknown restaurants and trying out new food. Daniele's was this little place by the side of the road where you had to walk in a tiny way to enter the place. I didn't know what the food would be like. I entered the tiny place amused by its Italian theme and sat down to eat. To my surprise, the owner of the restaurant came in to check each table if the food was to the customer's taste. "This guy's a real Italian, complete with the look, the accent, and all;" I thought to myself as I continued eating what was served.

The food was delicious, the service was pleasant, and the place was homey. I had gone back 2 to 3 more times and each time, it was great service, and the food was exquisite. A few years had passed and I had tried multiple new restaurants that was built around the area, but I hadn't forgotten about that little Italian restaurant. Simply put, I wanted to know how the place was doing.

I'd returned last night with a special someone to share the experience with. I was thoroughly entertained that when I googled it, so many things came up. I was even more delighted to see how the place has transformed since I last visited. It had won awards, renovated into a bigger area, but maintained it's homey feel.

Address: 8351 Dr Arcadio Santos Ave, San Antonio, Manila, 1700 Metro Manila
Contact number: (02) 826 5163

(Quick tour video in the end)

The Food:

We had ordered pasta and ravioli and they were delish!

We were given sweet wine after eating.

The Menu:

And lastly, here's a quick tour of the place. Enjoy!