Trapped Forever! BREAKOUT of ATC's New Mystery Rooms!

I've always wanted to go and try mystery rooms since they started a few years back but was never able to go due to having no actual matching schedules with nice humans. Long story short, I was able to go with a bunch of folks from the office, the only other people trapped in the vortex of same time-offs.

We opted to try Breakout in ATC to see how interesting it actually was and if we could solve the puzzles and get out. For legal purposes, I cannot go into detail on the rooms and can only share my feelings of despair from being trapped in 'forever.'
Breakout is located on the second floor of ATC. To be able to select rooms and reserve, you can go to their website:  https://www.breakout.com.ph/. The prices vary from Php400 - Php600 depending on the number of participants which should be a minimum of 3 per room or 6 maximum.

When you get there
Show your receipt of payment online and your ID. They will give each person a form with the terms of agreement to sign, including not…

What happened when we went to see Beauty and the Beast

It only seems fair to watch this over the amount of advertisements everywhere. First, the selling point to go see the movie was actress, Emma Watson, playing as Belle. That got me excited for a few months. Second, the imagination that comes with the effects that the movie will have with the moving, talking, living furniture. Lastly, if the live film would retain the story of Disney's Beauty and the Beast cartoon movie.

Let's start with the main character, Belle.
Image result for emma watson as belle

Bringing all the hype to all Harry Potter fans, Hermione Granger did well as Belle. Although I would have pegged this Disney princess to be tougher and less feminine than the other princesses, I would have preferred her not being super tomboy-ish on screen. When Emma started singing, it was nice. She wasn't bad and she looked beautiful. I would've loved the song had it not been for the slouching and awkward standing posture. I still loved Emma through the movie though. I can only find a short clip of the live movie. See below versions of the song "Little Town"



The Beast was great as a beast. I didn't know who the actor was, really. When Beast transformed into his human form, surprisingly, he looked like the cartoon. [His name is Dan Stevens.]

The Beast was great as a beast. I didn't know who the actor was, really. When Beast transformed into his human form, surprisingly, he looked like the cartoon. [His name is Dan Stevens.]

Image result for dan stevens as beast prince

I prefer him like this rather than his fixed-up prince look. The weird hair doesn't do the real hair justice.

Image result for dan stevens as beast prince

The best casting, I would have to say, was Gaston played by Luke Evans. It was as if the character was pulled out of the 1991 film.

Image result for gaston beauty and the beast 2017

All in all, the film was great. Some parts were added in and removed in Belle's background story, but the portrayal of the live-action movie to the 1991 film was outstanding.

Just an added bonus, a 360 view video of Lumiere singing "Be Our Guest."

Lumiere's Dress Rehearsal - 360 Video
Pull up a chair as the dining room proudly presents: Lumiere’s Dress Rehearsal 🕯Watch the 360 video, powered by Oculus Studios, or see the VR experience in the Oculus Store before you see Lumiere’s full production in theatres now. See more: http://ocul.us/Disney-Movies-VR-Rift
Posted by Beauty and the Beast on Friday, March 17, 2017

And in case anybody didn't notice, Beauty and the Beast wasn't just a movie, this became advertising madness everywhere.

I especially like the glass with a rose and a dome for it's cover.

It was quite tiring that day and I was given chicken as a good vibes present. YAS! BonChon spicy chicken with spicy dip is THE BEST.

All in all, really nice day out.
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